Affiliate fraud is costing you revenue, every single day.

If you don’t have an ad fraud solution, fraudulent partners are stealing your affiliate revenue right now — but Spider AF is here to help.

Here’s how affiliate fraudsters
try to steal your hard-earned revenue.

Users think they’re working with you, but they’re actually signing up with a fraudulent affiliate.

By deceiving your customers, malicious partners can steal legitimate, organic signups.
Worse still, there’s often no indication this is even happening, making it difficult to proactively fight back.
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Malware hijacks valuable interactions with fake clicks, stealing your revenue.

Malicious pieces of software are capable of watching for when a revenue-generating action is taking place and injecting invalid clicks to hijack the process.
Because these fake clicks are deployed so quickly and quietly, it can be hard to know anything’s going amiss until you realize your results are suffering.
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Bot farms generate fake customers to get higher payouts from more valuable locations.

Payouts for conversions vary depending on country, giving bot farms a major incentive to commit fraud.
By creating fake customers from high-value areas of the world, fraudsters can game the system to get higher payouts for lower initial spend. And because it’s all automated by farms, it can quickly spiral out of control.
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But those aren’t the only ways
affiliate fraud can affect you.

Here are some of the most common ways they can steal
your referrals and mess with your business.
Cookie stuffing
Cookie stuffing icon
Multiple affiliate cookies are stuffed on a user's browser, with the goal of claiming all sales commission happening from that same browser.
Fake conversions
Fake conversions icon
Fraudsters use bots or click farms to make it looks like they made a conversion.
Traffic diverting
Traffic diverting
Malicious actors can use fake sites to steal traffic from legitimate businesses.
Mobile click fraud
Mobile click fraud icon
Click fraud isn’t limited to desktop computers. Mobile click fraud involves using bots and malware to imitate real human clicks from mobile devices.
IP spoofing
IP spoofing icon
IP Spoofing involves imitating real IP addresses with proxy servers to fool merchants into thinking they're dealing with real people in high value location
Click injection fraud
Click injection fraud icon
Specific to Android mobile phones, click injections are when clicks are generated before an app is fully installed so the fraudster gets the commission instead of the ad network.

The impact on your
business is damaging.

Fewer valid leads
Since fraudsters flood your campaigns with calls and follow-ups that never go anywhere.
Less credibility
Because you could be unfairly blamed for your partners’ unethical practices.
Ridiculous expenses
Paying for clicks that don’t bring anything in is like flushing a huge chunk of cash right down the toilet.

You might find that some or all
of these metrics end up inflated.

Red arrow icon
Your CPA might increase since legitimate organic referrals are being stolen from you by fraudsters.
Red arrow icon
Because you could be unfairly blamed for your partners’ unethical practices.
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Paying for clicks that don’t bring anything in is like flushing a huge chunk of cash right down the toilet.
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If you’re paying to run pay-per-impression campaigns, bots can be used to throw off your results.

Luckily, there’s only one thing affiliate fraudsters hate more than an honest day’s work.

And that’s Spider AF. Check out the solutions we have
for fighting back against affiliate fraud.
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Invalid Click Blocker
Stop invalid clicks at source instead of letting them steal your referral revenue.
Connections icon
Ad Location Optimizer
Cut out affiliate fraudsters from around the world by blocking traffic from the wrong locations.
Rank icon
Lead Qualifier
Ensure that every single lead you generate is valid by prequalifying on autopilot.
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Bounce Rate Reducer
Make fraudsters miserable by stopping them from artificially inflating bounce rates.

Check out what our users think of us.

Mr. Nagata profile pic
Mr. Nagata
Operations Manager @ Adstir
“We found that 90% of all our app installations were fraudulent…and from just the free trial results, it became obvious that Spider AF was great for fraud detection.”
Mr Kondo profile pic
Mr. Kondo
Head of Production @ Drecom
“We discovered that 55% of our monthly budget, about 6 million yen, was being used on fraud…with Spider AF, we were able to reinvest this budget into advertising and other cost-effective media.”
Mr. Sakai profile pic
Mr. Sakai
Head of Marketing @ Bead
“We were initially impressed with how simple it was to set up tags on the free demo…plus, we saw improvements in our ROAS and a 30% improvement in our CPA.”

Don’t you think it’s time to show fradulent affiliates that you mean business?

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