Stop fraudsters from targeting your mobile games and apps.

They could be draining as much as 40% of your budget — but with Spider AF, you can stop them in their tracks.

Here’s how ad fraud interferes with your
conversion rate optimization strategies.

And gaming is no different. Here’s how they target mobile apps and games to drain your budget
and damage your game’s potential:

They flood your game with clicks and fake events.

Hoping to get paid out by advertisers, farms from all over the world flood your game with clicks. Or they spoof the SDK to generate fake installs, actions, and other events they can send directly to your mobile measurement partner’s servers.

Bot accounts get created to exploit free rewards.

By creating a swarm of automated accounts, fraudsters install apps or perform basic tasks at a massive scale to get as many free credits as possible.

They hijack installations en masse.

Malicious actors keep track of a user’s activity within the app store using malware. So when the user downloads your game, they inject a fake click to fraudulently be credited for the “real” installation.

What does this mean for you?

So that’s how they target you with fraud.
Here’s how it damages your business.

Users from the wrong locations
Wasted ad spend
Damaged reputation
Lower organic engagement

Luckily, help is on the way.

Spider AF is a complete ad fraud solution that detects and blocks fraudulent clicks and users before they get the chance to impact your games.

Invalid Click Blocker

Perfect for stopping pointless clicks at source, before they get the chance to damage your ads.

Ad Location Optimizer

You and your clients can finally say no to inadvertently marketing to the wrong countries.

Lead Qualifier

Prescreen all the leads coming in and save everybody time they’d spend manually verifying.

Bounce Rate Reducer

Your company will love you for chopping down your bounce rates in minutes, not days.

Don’t take our word for it.

Mr. Nagata profile pic
Mr. Nagata
Operations Manager @ Adstir
“We found that 90% of all our app installations were fraudulent…and from just the free trial results, it became obvious that Spider AF was great for fraud detection.”
Mr Kondo profile pic
Mr. Kondo
Head of Production @ Drecom
“We discovered that 55% of our monthly budget, about 6 million yen, was being used on fraud…with Spider AF, we were able to reinvest this budget into advertising and other cost-effective media.”
Mr. Sakai profile pic
Mr. Sakai
Head of Marketing @ Bead
“We were initially impressed with how simple it was to set up tags on the free demo…plus, we saw improvements in our ROAS and a 30% improvement in our CPA.”

Fight back against gaming ad fraud today.

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