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The first rule of click fraud used to be: don’t talk about click fraud.

After all, it used to be considered just another cost of doing business.

But we’re changing all that.

If you’re spending over $10k USD per month on your campaigns, click fraud is definitely draining your budget .

As much as 40% of your budget is being spent on fake or invalid clicks and
conversions that are never going to lead anywhere.

Does any of this sound familiar?
Red globe with warning sign
Traffic coming from countries you’re not even targeting
Especially if you’re trying to focus on Western countries but getting clicks from the other half of the world.
Red arrows pointing up
“Users” that click away ASAP, leading to inflated bounce rates
Which can lead you (and your clients) to think your landing page is worse than it actually is.
Red graph going down
You increase your ad budget but “Conversions” don’t improve, sometimes they drop
Making it difficult to tell what’s really going on and how well your campaigns are performing.
Red robot
Useless leads full of incomplete info or phone numbers that don’t connect
Costing you time and money and a sales team that plays the blame game!
Two red arrows pointing a globe
Malicious clicks from competitors trying to mess with your data
Making it harder to accurately A/B test and refine your marketing strategy.
Red warning icon and a xyz domain
Visitors arriving from weird websites with garbage top level domains
That make it seem like you’re deliberately paying for garbage traffic when you’re not.

The brutal reality is that…

For every $100 you spend on ads
as much as $40 gets spent on the above.

Ad fraud is a nightmare for
professional performance marketers.

Luckily, help is on the way.

Spider AF is Japan’s leading ad fraud solution.

We’re pioneers in the space, and we have been for years.
And our extensive client portfolio (that includes names like Uber and Nike) should tell you a thing or two about how the big boys view us.

We cut out fraudulent clicks and traffic before you waste your ad spend.

That way, you can redirect those funds towards real users who’ll actually convert.
It’s a win-win — you get to save money while getting better results.

And you can get started for the princely sum of $0.00.

That’s right: zero dollars, zero cents, for 14 days of unlimited access to Spider AF.
It’s not one of those free trials with blocked features either. You can put it right to work and start fighting ad fraud without even inputting any payment details.

Here’s everything you’ll be getting…

Our powerful suite of solutions was designed to help you fight ad fraud in all its forms.
Cursor icon
Invalid Click Blocker
Stop invalid clicks at source instead of letting them steal your referral revenue.
Connections icon
Ad Location Optimizer
Cut out affiliate fraudsters from around the world by blocking traffic from the wrong locations.
Rank icon
Lead Qualifier
Ensure that every single lead you generate is valid by prequalifying on autopilot.
Graph presentation icon
Bounce Rate Reducer
Make fraudsters miserable by stopping them from artificially inflating bounce rates.

And here’s what current Spider AF
users think of us.

Mr. Nagata profile pic
Mr. Nagata
Operations Manager @ Adstir
“We found that 90% of all our app installations were fraudulent…and from just the free trial results, it became obvious that Spider AF was great for fraud detection.”
Mr Kondo profile pic
Mr. Kondo
Head of Production @ Drecom
“We discovered that 55% of our monthly budget, about 6 million yen, was being used on fraud…with Spider AF, we were able to reinvest this budget into advertising and other cost-effective media.”
Mr. Sakai profile pic
Mr. Sakai
Head of Marketing @ Bead
“We were initially impressed with how simple it was to set up tags on the free demo…plus, we saw improvements in our ROAS and a 30% improvement in our CPA.”

Ready to ramp up the “performance” part of your performance marketing efforts?

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