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Paid Clicks - GeoMasking

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September 21, 2023
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Geomasking is a powerful tool that can help you identify fraudulent traffic and protect your ad budget from being wasted on clicks that are not legitimate.

Log in to your account

To view your ad campaign summary, you need to log in to your account using your username and password.

Access the Dashboard

Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Ad Fraud Protection” tab, select the “Paid clicks” section and lastly select the “Geo Masking” category.

3 Clicks Breakdown

This section displays a quick summary of the totals for Paid Clicks, Geo Masked Clicks, and Unique IP's. In addition, there is a top 5 clicks by country's breakdown that shows the total of paid clicks and the total of geo masked clicks per those top 5 countries.

Geomasking Table Breakdown

This section has a table that shows the country, clicks, geo masked clicks, unique IPs, device timezone name, and device timezone. This will provide more granular insights into the sources of your traffic and help you pinpoint any suspicious activity.

Analyzing your Geomasking logs is important because it helps you identify any suspicious activity and patterns in ad clicks. For example, if you notice that a particular country or region is generating an unusually high number of clicks, you can investigate further to determine if those clicks are legitimate or if they are the result of click fraud.

By using Geomasking to hide certain geographic regions, you can also prevent fraudulent clicks from those regions, helping to ensure that your marketing efforts are reaching your intended audience and not being wasted on fraudulent activity.

In conclusion, reviewing your Geomasking summary and logs is an indispensable step in detecting and preventing ad fraud. By carefully analyzing your click data, you can identify suspicious activity and take steps to protect your marketing campaigns from fraudulent clicks.

Table Of Contents

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