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Spider AF Conversion GTM Integration Instructions

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September 21, 2023
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This article helps explain how to implement Spider AF tags in GTM (Google Tag Manager). It is recommended to integrate directly to the header of a webpage because some ad blockers block GTM from firing. But in the situation where dev resources are limited, Spider AF can be integrated through GTM.

1. Trigger settings

If there is no Conversion page trigger, create a new one.

Select "Page View" in the trigger settings and set the URL of the Thanks page.

2. Tag settings

Select Tags> New.

Select Tag Settings> Custom HTML.

Paste the tag you sent separately into HTML, check support for document.wirte and save.

Follow the same procedure as above to create a tag for the CV page.

At that time, if the following GTM variables are available, use the variables.

## xuid ##: ID given to each user

## xsid ##: ID given for each conversion


sptrk('config', '##TrackerID##', {
xuid: '{{user_id}}',
xsid: '{{conversion_id}}'

Then select the trigger that fires the tag and save it.

After confirming the settings at the end, press the publish button on the upper right to complete.

It is also possible to set together while sharing the screen, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Table Of Contents

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