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How to set up an audience tag with Google Ads

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September 21, 2023
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Getting started

To use audience exclusion with Google Ads, you first must create an audience tag.

Sensitive topics

Google's policies do not allow remarketing for ads related to personal hardships or other sensitive topics. You cannot use audience exclusion for these ads.

See the Google policy on personal advertising for more info.

How it works

You must create a new conversion tag in Google Ads to set up audience tagging. We use this tag to build the audience for exclusion.

This tag is not for ad optimization, but the delivered ads are counted in the "All conversions" column in the Reporting page in Google Ads. It is not possible to use this feature without adding to the "All conversions" results. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Add a conversion tag

  1. In Google Ads, click Tools and Settings on the top menu and then Conversions.
  1. Click the New Conversion Action button.
  1. Click the Website button.
  1. Type in your domain and then click Scan.
  1. Click the Add a Conversion Action Manually button.
  1. In the Goal and optimization section, select Page view.

    Click Conversion action optimization options, then select Secondary action not used for bidding optimization.
  1. In the Conversion name section, copy and paste this name:
  1. In the Value section, select Don't use a value for this conversion action.
  1. In the Count section, select Every.

  1. In the Click-through conversion window section, select 90 days.
  1. In the Engaged-view conversion window section, select 3 days.
  1. In the View-through conversion window section, select 1 day.
  1. In the Attribution model section, select Last click, then click the Done button.
  1. Click the Save and Continue button.
  1. In the Put conversion event tags on your website section, click See event tag.
  1. In the Event snippet section, select Click.
  1. Click the Copy button. Paste this text into the Spider AF contact window.

    Click Close.
  1. Click Done.

We can guide you through this setup with screen sharing. Please contact us if you have any trouble.

Table Of Contents

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