Affiliate Fraud Prevention

Maximize ROI & Prevent Affiliate Fraud

Our  anti-affiliate fraud solution protects your campaigns from ad fraud in affiliate marketing. Detect, prevent, and maximize ROI with advanced affiliate fraud detection tools.

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Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Start Your FREE Ad Fraud Diagnosis Today!
Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Start Your FREE Ad Fraud Diagnosis Today!
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No Credit Card Needed
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Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Protect Your Affiliate Programs with Spider AF

Combat Click Fraud, Fake Conversions, and Deceptive Affiliate Practices by leveraging AI-enabled ad fraud detection tools. Our solution empowers you to detect and defend against affiliate fraud effectively, driving genuine results from their affiliate marketing campaigns.
Designed for efficiency
Saves on Ad Budget

Protect Your Marketing Budget

With potential losses of up to 90% due to affiliate fraud, our proactive approach of identifying and blocking deceptive activity saves you a lot of money. By filtering out fake leads, we enhance lead quality, saving you time and resources.

Combat Misleading Attribution

Invalid activities manipulate the source of organic conversions, falsely attributing them to affiliate publishers . Our fraud detection tools identify and block these practices, preserving the integrity of your campaign data and ensuring accurate attribution of conversions.

Ensure Genuine Engagement

Prevent affiliates from misleading users with fake incentives like non-existent coupon codes. We detects, flags and block deceptive practices, ensuring that your audience engages with your brand genuinely, leading to improved campaign performance.
Detect Invalid Clicks for Free

"Thanks to implementing Spider AF, we saved over $1 Million in annual ad costs! Search ads faced repeated clicks and bot visits. Blocking invalid traffic early on is key to maximizing ad investments.”

Tanaka Soma
Marketing Director

Quick Setup in Two Steps

Access Spider AF Dashboard

Add the code on the “Thank You” Page, where Spider AF automatically accesses data.
Review the analysis to spot any fraudulent activity.
Ensure conversion legitimacy in your dashboard.

Integrate with GTM for Tag Blocking

Utilize integrations like GTM to control the firing of conversion tags.
Block conversions from repeat users, invalid IP addresses, and data centers.
Safeguard your affiliate revenue streams effectively.

But Don’t Just Believe What We Say...

KDDI Web Communications

“Achieving 26% CVR growth with Minimal In-House Operations”

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How Ad Fraud Prevention Boosted ROAS by 228% and CVR by 217%

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“We reduced advertising expenses by approx. $25k in a single month.”

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Asked Questions

What is Affiliate Fraud?

Affiliate fraud happens when people try to cheat the affiliate marketing system for their gain. It comes in different forms, like fake clicks or leads, and it's done by affiliates or others who want to make money unfairly. This kind of fraud hurts the trust in affiliate marketing and can cost businesses money. Stopping affiliate fraud is important to keep affiliate marketing fair and trustworthy.

What does affiliate protection involve, and why is it important?

Affiliate protection involves tools and technologies aimed at marketers and affiliate networks to identify and prevent affiliate fraud and fraudulent activity in their campaigns. It's crucial for affiliate marketers to safeguard their campaigns against fraudulent activity such as click fraud and generate fake leads, as these can significantly impact campaign performance and ROI. Integrating affiliate fraud prevention tools like Spider AF ensures working with authentic partners, driving quality traffic, and maximizing ROI.

How does affiliate protection help businesses maximize their ROI in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate protection creates a clean and trusted environment for affiliate marketing, helping companies maximize their ROI by preventing fraudulent activity from inflating costs.

It ensures that rewards are distributed only for legitimate conversions, enabling data-driven decisions about marketing budgets without overpaying for fraud.

How does affiliate fraud typically occur?

Affiliate fraud often involves the abuse of the affiliate payout program, where fraudsters manipulate the attribution system to receive undeserved rewards. Tactics include manipulating attribution rules, using multiple devices for simulated conversions, and exploiting reward structure loopholes.

You'll have visibility into all detected invalid activities and access to features like placement and keyword insights. Spider AF continuously monitors your webpage's traffic to ensure correct setup of configurations.

What types of affiliate fraud does affiliate protection target and prevent?

Spider AF's Affiliate Protection is designed to identify and prevent various types of affiliate fraud, such as click injection, flooding, and fraudulent lead generation. These advanced algorithms proactively detect and mitigate fraudulent activity, ensuring the integrity of affiliate campaigns and rewards programs.

By fortifying your affiliate revenue with Spider AF, you can navigate the complex landscape of affiliate marketing with confidence, protecting your revenue streams and optimizing your ROI.