PPC Click Fraud Protection

Optimize PPC ROI with Fraud Protection

Guard Your Campaigns with Spider AF's PPC Click Fraud Protection.

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Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Start Your FREE Ad Fraud Diagnosis Today!
Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Start Your FREE Ad Fraud Diagnosis Today!
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No Credit Card Needed
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Real-time Fraud Detection & Blocking
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Protect Your PPC Investment
from Click Fraud

PPC Click fraud drains your ad budget and distorts campaign performance metrics, making it difficult to achieve desired ROI. Spider AF is here to help you combat click fraud and maximize the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.
Designed for efficiency
Saves on Ad Budget

Smart Savings with PPC Fraud Protection

Our  technology spots where your ad budget is being wasted, ensuring that you invest in better ads for better results. By cutting ad costs with our PPC Click Fraud Protection, you can track how much you've saved by blocking Ad fraud activity and increase genuine user engagement, ultimately enhancing your ads' performance.

AI-Powered Ad Placement Blocking

Our advanced Placement Control feature, powered by AI technology, puts you in charge of your ad placements. By blocking underperforming or fraudulent placements, Spider AF ensures your ads are seen by real users, maximizing the impact of your PPC campaigns.

Target Your Ads to Qualified Users

Spider AF's Audience Exclusion feature goes beyond just providing fraudulent click analytics. It also offers conversion analytics, empowering you to filter out non-converting or suspicious traffic segments. This ensures that your PPC ads are seen by audiences most likely to engage and convert, optimizing your ad spend and improving PPC ad performance.
Detect Invalid Clicks for Free

Ad fraud protection
across all platforms

Seamlessly integrate Spider AF with leading ad platforms including Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Meta, and more. Stay secure across channels with our tailored ad network and DSP integration.

"Thanks to implementing Spider AF, we saved over $1 Million in annual ad costs! Search ads faced repeated clicks and bot visits. Blocking invalid traffic early on is key to maximizing ad investments.”

Tanaka Soma
Marketing Director

3 Simple Steps to Eliminate
PPC Fraud

Place the Spider AF Tag & Integrate Google API:

Once the tag is in place, our platform generates detailed reports based on the click and conversion data collected.
You can easily access these reports and download a blacklist of suspicious activity. Our system also automatically transfers this information back to the ad networks through audience exclusion.

Analyze Click and Conversion Data:

Spider AF's advanced algorithms continuously monitor click and conversion activity in real-time.
If any fraudulent activity is detected, our system automatically blocks it, ensuring that your campaigns are protected from invalid clicks and fraudulent conversions.

Place the Spider AF Tag:

Simply add the Spider AF tag to your landing pages and conversion pages.
This tag helps link data from your active ad networks to our platform, allowing us to analyze click and conversion information effectively.

But Don’t Just Believe What We Say...

Asked Questions

What is PPC Fraud Protection?

PPC Fraud Protection helps online advertisers stay safe from click fraud in their PPC ads. It uses smart technology to check things like IP addresses and user behavior in real-time. This helps tell the difference between real clicks and fake ones. By making sure only real clicks count, PPC Fraud Protection keeps ad campaigns on track and saves money.

How Can PPC Protection Help Your Ads?

PPC Protection brings several benefits to advertising campaigns:

1. Stops Click Fraud - It quickly spots and stops fake clicks, so your ad budget isn't wasted on fake activity.

2. Saves Advertising Budgets -  By blocking fake clicks, PPC Protection lets you spend your ad money on real customers, making your ads more effective.

3. Protects Your Campaign - PPC Protection keeps your ads safe and only shows them to real people who are really interested in what you're selling.

4. Boosts Performance - By getting rid of fake clicks, PPC Fraud Protection helps you get more real customers and make your campaigns work better.

Can PPC Fraud Protection Spot and Stop Fake Clicks Right Away?

Yes! PPC Fraud Protection works in real-time. It's always watching for Invalid PPC clicks and jumps in to stop them as soon as they're spotted. This quick action not only keeps your ads safe but also makes sure your money is spent on real customers, making your PPC ads work better in the end.

Does PPC Fraud Protection Work with All Ad Platforms?

Absolutely! PPC Fraud Protection works smoothly with all the major ad platforms, like Google Ads, Meta, Microsoft, TikTok, and more. It fits right in with these platforms, so you can use it across all your ads without any problems.

What Reports and Info Does PPC Fraud Protection Give You?

PPC click fraud software gives you easy-to-read reports and helpful info to track fake activity and see how your ads are doing. With simple charts and graphs, you can see things like how many clicks your ads are getting, how many are turning into customers, and how many invalid PPC clicks are being caught. This info helps you make smart decisions and make sure your ad money is being used wisely.