Want to run better campaigns that make your clients more money?

Partner with Spider AF today and prevent as much as $1 out of every $5 from being wasted on fraudulent traffic.
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Spider AF will make your clients
fall in love with your agency.

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Get more conversions
By cutting out fraudulent traffic and fake clicks.
More effective campaigns — your clients will love you.
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Drive more revenue
By redirecting ad spend towards real customers.
More impressive revenue — your clients will really love you.
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Get a killer edge
Over competitors without an ad fraud solution.
Secret sauce — your clients will fall head over heels in love with you.

Industry leading revenue share:

because it’s only fair.

We’re serious about our partners, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is. When you partner with Spider AF, you can count on a sliding scale that rewards your agency for doing what you do best.
Up to 40% revenue share — have you ever seen anything like that before?
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Ms. Kusuhara
Head of Marketing @ Porters Co.
“Thanks to Spider AF, we cut down the number of invalid leads we were dealing with by 95%.”
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S. N.
Head of Marketing @ All Connect
“Spider AF helped us reduce our monthly advertising costs by 2.6 million yen [approx. $25k].”
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Taku Ishida
Head of Marketing @ Interspace
“When it came to fighting ad fraud, it always seemed like Spider AF was the obvious choice.”

Ad fraud is stealing money from your PPC campaigns right now.

As much as 20% of your clients’ ad budget is spent on fraudulent clicks.
Click farms and bots don’t sleep: they wake up and choose violence, every single day.

When it comes to fighting back, Spider AF makes it look easy.

Think of Spider AF as a 24/7 bodyguard for your ads that cuts out fraudulent clicks before they ever get the chance to drain your budget.
Getting started is as simple as adding a tag to your website. Seriously.

Your clients can see the results for themselves with a 14-day, no-commitment free trial.

Not convinced Spider AF will really make that much of a difference? Try it out for 14 days, on the house.
No payment details, no subscriptions, no charge. (No kidding.)

Why partner with Spider AF?

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Industry-leading expertise
We’re Japan’s leading ad fraud solution, so partnering with us means working with proven ad fraud experts.
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Flexible partnership options
No two agencies are alike, so being flexible is a priority for us. From subscriptions to sharing revenue, it’s all on the table.
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Seamless integration
Setting up Spider AF takes about as long as brewing a cup of tea (although it’s not quite as tasty, admittedly).
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Proven, risk-free results
Our partners are saving more money, converting more real users, and running better campaigns for their clients.

Our solutions were built to solve your key issues.

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Invalid Click Blocker
Cut out invalid clicks from your agency’s campaigns.
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Ad Localization Optimizer
Eliminate bad traffic from VPNs and low-value regions.
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Lead Qualifier
Stop junk leads at source from cluttering up your client’s pipeline.
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Bounce Rate Reducer
Improve campaign effectiveness by fighting high bounce rates.

Ready to start driving more revenue for your clients?

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