5 Benefits Of Anti-Ad Fraud Tools

Over the years, many businesses have opted for in-house advertising operations in running their ad campaigns instead of employing a traditional ad agency. However, one thing in-house ad operators should be aware of is ad fraud.
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When it comes to ad fraud, fraudsters use several methods to record invalid clicks or domain spoofing. To detect this as soon as possible, having an anti-ad fraud tool (ad verification tool) on standby is highly recommended. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of using ad fraud prevention tools, so if you’re considering implementing one in your business, do check the article.

5 Benefits Of Using Anti-Ad Fraud Tools

Benefit 1: Google Ads ROI Increases By 20%

Being able to reduce unnecessary and fraudulent ad expenses is the most significant benefit you can get from using an ad fraud prevention tool. Spider Labs conducted a study and discovered that 100% of all ad posts are affected by ad fraud.

Below is an example where ad fraud affected 5% of an ad campaign

Monthly advertising expense = $10,000
- Advertising Expense ($10,000) x Ad Fraud (5%) = $500 every month
- Monthly Damages ($500) x 12 Months (One Year) = $6,000

Monthly advertising expense = $50,000
Advertising Expense ($50,000) x Ad Fraud (5%) = $2,500 every month
Monthly Damages ($2,500) x 12 Months (One Year) = $30,000

You can incur these wasteful costs continually, but when you use ad fraud prevention tools, you are most likely to see your ROI improve.

Other ad fraud instances:

- Auto browser operation
- A large number of clicks coming from the same user
- Domain spoofing

These are some common methods fraudsters use to target ad campaigns, but these trends tend to change every time. But with ad fraud prevention tools running, you’ll be able to protect your ads even if new fraudulent variants come up.

Benefit 2: Brand Safety

Have you ever wondered where you ads are being displayed? What if they end up on irrelevant or misleading websites such as adult-content or fake news sites? Having your ads shown on these placements may end up hurting your brand’s reputation if left unmonitored.  

A number of ad fraud prevention tools are equipped with systems that can block your ads from being delivered on these unwanted placements or websites, minimizing the risk to your brand’s online presence. To understand better what brand damage and brand safety are, read this article.

Benefit 3: Ensure Transparency In Ad Operations

For businesses that prefer to operate ads in-house, being transparent with campaign operations is essential. If the marketing manager lacks knowledge of delivery cost, click rate, and conversion rate values, and other metrics, maintaining transparency in ad operations would be very difficult.

Therefore, marketers should help other departments understand these values, so they do not tamper with their ads operations by manipulating values.

Benefit 4: Improve Web Ads Performance

If you are not getting the results you expect from your web ads, it would be best to start being suspicious of ad fraud in your ad campaigns. In many cases, simply detecting and eliminating ad fraud can improve the performance of your ad campaigns.

By using an ad fraud prevention tool, you can detect invalid traffic occurring in your campaigns at an early stage, which is difficult to detect manually. We recommend taking a closer look at ad fraud if you’re struggling to see results from your web ads. Check out Spider AF’s one month free trial here.

Benefit 5: Expert Support System

Many companies that provide ad fraud prevention tools also offer counseling and expert support systems to help users understand ad performance, what they need for security and campaign improvement, and advice on the latest security measures. 

Similarly, Spider AF has a professional customer support system that answers inquiries any user may have. So using an ad fraud prevention tool doesn't end there. You can always seek a support network to help you get the most out of your tool and solve ad fraud issues.

Final Notes

Marketers are constantly thinking of ways to improve the company's ROI and maintain transparency in ad operations. Since the coronavirus has forced many companies to adopt in-house ad operations, managers have come under increasing pressure to deliver. 

There are a number of ad related tools, but they must be simple and easy to use, as well as promising in terms of results. This should be a major criterion when selecting a tool.Spider AF is an intuitive tool built to combat ad fraud and help marketers get the best performance out of their ad campaigns. See the difference when your ads are clean of ad fraud with our one month free trial.

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