Spider AF by the Numbers

Spider AF has 43 employees as of August 31st, 2022

Average age


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Department Structure (Ratio)

Spider AF is committed to creating a work environment that respects diversity. We also proactively introduce new policies in the workplace to further enhance employee wellness.

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Work and Lifestyle Diversity

Childcare Benefits


Guaranteed in case of temporary school closure due to declared State of Emergency.

for the first child

Monthly Childcare

Childcare allowance will be provided until the child is 18 years old. A total of $32,400 dollars!

Scheduled for late 2022
Return-to-Work from Maternity & Childcare Leave Rate
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Paternity Leave Rate
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Diversity of Nationalities

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Remote work rate
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English Usage Rate
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Career Diversity

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Rate of employees with side jobs

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7 Skill Development Programs

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Japanese Lessons

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English Lessons

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Book Purchase

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External Trainings

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Company Lunch

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Qualification Acquisition Support

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Study Groups

More benefits to look forward to!

Spider Labs strives to create a comfortable working environment for each and every employee. To fulfill this, we plan on acquiring the Kurumin Certification and also join the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union. In addition, we plan to implement a work-vacation system, organize company trips, events, and more in the future.

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