Ad Fraud Whitepaper, 18.9% of Traffic in Japan was Fraud in 2019

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Phybbit Ltd. (Tokyo Minato-ku, CEO: Satoko Ohtsuki) has just released it’s latest Ad Fraud Whitepaper for July 2019. As the market leader in Japan for ad fraud detection and reporting, over 455 billion data results are analyzed using SpiderAF. (The data recorded for this report was conducted from January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019).

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Being the second time that we’ve conducted this report, the purpose of this report is to let our readers have a better understanding of all issues relating to digital advertising and the current trends with ad fraud.

According to the newest report from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), ad fraud is expected to grow into a $50 billion dollar industry. With the total investment towards digital media in the world expected to grow from $400 billion to $500 billion dollars in that timeframe, this would mean that ad fraud will make up 10% of ad revenues. However, the WFA has also pointed out the real serious issue that the actual proportion of ad fraud could surpass even this number.

  • Ad Fraud On Track to Become 2nd Biggest Source Of Revenue For Organized Crime

Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprises. “The business of hacking”, May 2016

In addition, ad fraud is predicted to become the second-biggest source of revenue for organized crime after cocaine and opium within 10 years. Although ad fraud is as profitable as other illegal businesses, there is no true effective cure against it. So long as preventive measures against ad fraud do not improve in lieu of investments towards digital media, ad fraud will only continue to become even more prevalent.

Though there is the necessity for changes to be made throughout the whole internet advertising industry, it’s possible to start moving towards action by first getting a good understanding of the problem itself. We hope that through this report, that we can contribute towards creating and maintaining a safe industry for all.

■ Ad Fraud Whitepaper July 2019 Preview


・By The Numbers

・Invalid Traffic

・Mobile OS Breakdown

・Click Flooding

・Install Hijack


・New Device Ratio

・and more!

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