GENIEE DSP Adopts Spider Labs' IP Blocklist API

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Every day, Spider Lab's demand-side ad fraud countermeasure analyzes over 10 billion IP addresses to identify invalid traffic

Tokyo-based Spider Labs has recently had its IP Blocklist API adopted by Japan's GENIEE DSP in the ongoing effort to combat online ad fraud. Spider Labs' Demand-Side Ad Fraud Countermeasure Analyzes over 10 billion IP addresses every day to identify invalid traffic.

GENIEE DSP will use the IP Blocklist API to filter out General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT). GIVT includes traffic that can be identified by routine filtering, such as known data center traffic and search engine crawlers, while SIVT includes various types of invalid traffic, including traffic disguised as traffic caused by someone else, including Ad Fraud.

"Ad fraud has become an issue that cannot be ignored in recent years, and we feel that interest in demand-side countermeasures is growing year by year," said Sayaka Kobayashi, COO of the Demand Side Business Division at Geniee, Inc. "We are very pleased to be using the IP Blocklist API as a countermeasure against invalid traffic, and we believe that it will contribute to the improvement of transparency for our clients who use GENIEE DSP in the future. GENIEE DSP will continue to adopt cutting-edge technology that helps our clients increase brand awareness, acquire users, and achieve higher advertising cost-effectiveness."

Kazuhiro Miyamoto, Product Manager at Spider Labs, added, "We are pleased to be working with Geniee, one of the largest DSPs in Japan. The importance of ad verification, including countermeasures against invalid traffic, has increased dramatically over the past few years. We are confident that this collaboration has led to a healthier digital advertising industry. Spider Labs remains committed to building a secure and happy future through technology."


GENIEE DSP is a platform that allows advertisers to distribute their ads to slots selected in accordance with their needs. Ad spaces are selected based on data such as internet users' past behavioral history, purchase history, and location information, and are allocated to users who are assumed to be promising potential customers for the advertiser. Approximately 5,000 PC and smartphone media participate in the platform, which is capable of purchasing approximately 80 billion Impressions/month.

About Spider Labs, Inc.

Spider Labs, Inc. is the developer and provider of the automated, AI-driven fraud prevention tool, Spider AF, which operates with the mission of "Building a Safer, Happier Future with Automation." Spider Labs' team of data scientists is working to help fight the ever-evolving issue of ad fraud. Founded on the belief that the happiness of each team member must be realized to fully support the company, Spider Labs is committed to creating a "work-life integration" corporate environment that allows people to live their lives in their own way by promoting more flexible work lifestyles.

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