Phybbit Begins Providing Ad Fraud Detection Tool SpiderAF to Fluct SSP

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Fluct SSP will also participate in the Shared Blacklist, joining major companies in Japan sharing ad fraud data! Phybbit Ltd. (Tokyo, Minato-ku, CEO: Satoko Ohtuski) has just begun providing its AI-equipped ad-fraud detection and reporting tool SpideAF to Fluct Ltd.’s SSP (Tokyo, Minato-ku, CEO: Ken Doi).

Digital ad fraud is the act of stealing advertising revenue by manipulating digital ads, such as click fraud for display ads. With significant advancement and sophistication over the years, awareness has grown along with its recognition as an industry-wide problem.

Up until recently, Fluct has conducted its own fraud prevention and whitelist, but after introducing Phybbit’s ad-fraud detection and reporting tool SpiderAF, their initiatives have strengthened. Using our machine learning algorithm, they are able to weed out fraudulent access on search engines and utilize optimal advertising operations by accumulating data on sophisticated ad fraud.

Fluct will also participate in the Shared Blacklist (SBL); a list of major companies in Japan sharing ad fraud data

SBL info(

SBL is a list of blacklisted media shared amongst other advertising colleagues by SpiderAF. Each company is united with the goal of creating a safe advertising industry. This is the first of its kind in Japan. As a recognized member of the SBL, they are helping us eradicate ad fraud.

Up until now, Phybbit has provided the ad-fraud detection tool SpiderAF to individual companies, but their initiatives are limited to their own services and data. SBL should eliminate ad fraud by sharing information amongst each service to stop fraud before it happens. By doing so, a safer advertising industry will accelerate new initiatives.

■Fluct Ltd. CEO Mr. Ken Doi

“I joined the SBL to help build safer and higher quality internet advertising. We will help contribute to the further development of the entire industry.”

■Phybbit Ltd. CEO Satoko Ohtsuki

“We welcome Fluct to the SBL! With Fluct’s participation, this alliance of 12 companies makes us the highest quality ad fraud prevention group in Japan. Even globally, I am proud to say that no such organization exists that is this earnest towards tackling the problem of digital ad fraud. Phybbit, along with all SBL members, will work towards making the entire industry a safer place.”

■SBL Benefits

Conduct Ad Fraud Diagnosis On The Entire Advertising Industry

With visual patrols conducted by the SpiderAF Surveillance Team, we can keep a fixed diagnosis for detecting artificial fraud and guarantee protections against ad fraud and brand safety. In addition, adjusting to the various needs of advertisers, these diagnoses are equipped with an ad fraud categorization function that adjusts for each brand’s safety.

Highly Accurate BlackList

Billions of data are analyzed every day. Because this blacklist is supported by some of Japan’s major advertising giants, it is highly accurate.

Thorough Preemptive Measures Against Fraud

Up until now, a fraud diagnosis was conducted on log data after being analyzed, but by sharing information we can confirm whether or not the same data is fraud or cause damage to brands.

Invitation To Regular R&D Seminars

Phybbit holds regular ad fraud seminars in Tokyo with SBL members and other guests.

The SBL Mark

The SBL mark is presented to SBL members upon joining. As proof that you would like to “Create a safer advertising industry”, using this mark within the industry builds trust at home and abroad.


These companies are currently members of the SBL.

SBL MEMBERS :i-mobile Ltd.・Adways Ltd.・Interspace Co. Ltd・Zucks Ltd.・GMO TECH Ltd.・Supership Ltd.・Bulbit Ltd.・Fan Communications Ltd.・fluct Ltd.・Maverick Ltd.・Logly Ltd.・United Ltd.(Company Names are sorted alphabetically)

For more information about SBL, click here. (

For those interested in joining SBL, please contact Ms. Hashimoto ( for additional details.