Ad Fraud Prevention Company Spider AF Partners With Yahoo! JAPAN

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Spider Labs, Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Satoko Otsuki, hereinafter referred to as Spider Labs) is pleased to announce Spider AF, one of Japan’s largest ad-fraud countermeasure tools, partnering with Yahoo Japan Corporation (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kentaro Kawabe, hereinafter referred to as Yahoo! JAPAN) for its advertising service, Display Ads.


In 2019, digital ad spending in Japan reached 2,104.8 billion yen (1), surpassing TV ad spending for the first time. Over a six-month period (January-June 2020), Spider AF helped identify a potential $38.5 million in damage caused by digital ad fraud. (4)

Yahoo! JAPAN has been using its own ad-fraud countermeasures, but the company decided to begin utilizing Spider AF in order to strengthen the countermeasures prior to ad delivery and expand its mobile app display advertising.

Through Spider AF’s data, Yahoo! JAPAN will be able to identify and conduct highly accurate ad-fraud countermeasures and enhance one of the values defined in the Ad Quality Diamond, which is to “Maintain Brand Equity and Media Credibility (Eliminating Invalid Activities).” Spider Labs, together with Yahoo! JAPAN, will continue to work together to ensure safe, transparent growth in the Online Advertising Industry.

(1) Dentsu Inc. “2019 Advertising Spending in Japan” (

(2) Ad-fraud (ad fraud) refers to the fraudulent act of defrauding users of digital ad serving by displaying advertisements that appear as if they were accessed by a human being.

(3) Brand safety is an initiative to ensure safety from the risk of displaying advertisements on inappropriate pages and content that may damage the brand.

(4) Spider AF, “Ad Fraud Survey Report January 2020” (

Satoko Otsuki, Spider Labs CEO Comment

“We are convinced that our collaboration with Yahoo! JAPAN is a huge step to improve the quality of advertising in Japan. We are especially pleased that they appreciated our ad-fraud measures for Apps, which we consider as one of Spider AF’s strengths. Not many companies have started taking the same countermeasures for Apps like Yahoo! JAPAN, so we hope this will open more opportunities for considerations to counteract ad fraud in the future.” said Satoko Otsuki, CEO of Spider Labs.

About Yahoo! JAPAN’s Quality Diamond

Yahoo! JAPAN has developed its own initiative to address issues such as ad fraud and brand safety issues faced by the Japanese Online Advertising Industry defined as the “Three Values and Six Measures for Ad Quality” based on global standards for ad quality. ( ) The initiative falls under the six measures of ad fraud and brand safety (proper delivery aspects).

Three Values

  • Visualize the right advertising performance
  • Maintain brand equity and media credibility (eliminating invalid activities)
  • Provide a stress-free advertising experience

6 Measures​​

  • Viewability
  • Ad-fraud prevention
  • Brand safety
  • Privacy considerations
  • The best ad format
  • Challenges to Ad Clutter