Phybbit and Ad Fraud Prevention Tool Spider AF Unifies Name to Spider Labs

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Phybbit is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is pleased to announce a change in the company name and relocation of the head office.

Phybbit was founded in 2011 as a contract development company and, in 2017, launched its ad fraud countermeasure tool Spider AF to support businesses. With the development of digital advertising, the need for ad fraud countermeasures has increased, and the recognition of the service name Spider AF had grown, becoming synonymous with the Phybbit name.

In order to create a unified name for the company and services that Phybbit provides, the company name has been changed to “Spider Labs”. Spider Labs is a combination of Spider AF and Laboratories. With the ever-evolving nature of fraud, “Labs” embodies the scientific method of constantly hypothesizing, testing, and verifying new solutions. “Labs” also inherits the starting point of the company’s founders as physics researchers. Spider Labs better represents the range of products and services offered by the company.

Building a Safer and Happier Future with Automation.

In conjunction with the timing of the relocation of the head office due to business expansion and an increase in personnel, the corporate and service logos have been updated, and a new corporate site was released. Under the mission of “Building a Safer and Happier Future with Automation”, Spider Labs aims to become a cybersecurity company that protects against fraud from many different angles. Learn more on the new corporate website,

Spider Labs happily presents its new cybersecurity server, Spider Security (tentative name), that helps identify and mitigate suspicious access of data. Spider Labs invites companies that are interested in using web-based cybersecurity services to join the beta service of Spider Security. If you are interested in the service, please contact Spider Labs via the contact form at

With the ever-evolving environment of digital advertising and data security, Spider Labs is committed to continually testing and developing new solutions. Spider Labs looks forward to expanding its product and services as a cybersecurity company and continually add value to its partners.