Spider Labs Establishes New Offices in New York, USA and Cork, Ireland

Tokyo, Japan - Spider AF, the leading provider of digital ad fraud and lead fraud prevention, today announced its expansion to New York, USA and Cork, Ireland.

Tokyo, Japan - Spider AF, the leading provider of digital ad fraud and lead fraud prevention, today announced its expansion to New York, USA and Cork, Ireland. These new locations will allow the company to better serve its global client base and serve as a central hub for growing market opportunities in both regions.

According to recent industry reports, the impact of ad fraud prevention has become a global issue as the damage caused by ad fraud in the digital advertising industry reached approximately 9.3 trillion yen (680 billion USD) in 2022 and is growing exponentially year on year. Spider AF's solutions are designed to discover fraud, protect brand safety and increase return on investment for advertisers.

"Spider AF is committed to providing the most advanced solutions to combat ad fraud, and our expansion to New York, USA and Cork, Ireland will allow us to better serve our clients and expand our global reach," said  Satoko Ohtsuki CEO. "We are confident that our expertise and innovative solutions will be well received in these new markets, and we look forward to contributing to the growth of the digital advertising industry."

The expansion to New York, USA and Cork, Ireland is a significant milestone for Spider AF and strengthens the company's commitment to helping advertisers protect their investments and achieve their business goals.
Starting with these office openings, the company aims to raise its overseas customer base to 50% of the total by 2024.

“Cork has a long history with global tech companies and startups. With strong links to globally recognized Universities and strong business support services, Cork is a leader for talent and innovation in Europe” said Will Nunan, Head of Marketing Spider AF. With its expansion to Cork, Spider AF will be able to tap into this talented pool and take advantage of the supportive business environment, positioning itself for growth and innovation across Europe.

The new locations will provide a platform for the company to continue to innovate and drive growth for its clients.

For more information about Spider AF, please visit www.spideraf.com.

Contact: Will Nunan, Head of Marketing, Spider AF, will@spideraf.com

About New York and Cork

New York, a city with a rich history in media and advertising, is a hub for digital advertising in North America. Housing headquarters for some of the world's top media companies and advertising agencies, the city is a hub of innovation and growth in the digital advertising industry. With its expansion to New York, Spider AF will have the chance to tap into this thriving ecosystem and capitalize on the growing market opportunities in the region.

Cork, Ireland boasts a vibrant technology industry and is home to a talented pool of professionals in technology, software engineering, and data analytics. With multiple technology hubs and multinational technology companies based in the city, Cork is a city of innovation and technology. Cork is a central hub for multinational technology companies such as Apple, Dell, and Pfizer, which have established operations in the city to take advantage of the local talent pool.

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