Enhancing Web Advertising with Spider AF Ad Fraud Solution

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Get 1 month of free fraud diagnostics with a tailored fraud detection tool. The offer is limited to the first 5 companies to enter.

Spider Labs, Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoko Otsuki, hereinafter referred to as “Spider Labs”) has released web advertising detection use cases using Spider AF, one of the largest ad-fraud prevention tools in Japan.

Spider AF has historically supported ad tech companies. In order to meet the growing needs of advertisers to ensure the quality and transparency of digital advertising in recent years, the company has started offering services to web advertisers in July of this year.

Invalid accesses are useless clicks or conversions, which are accesses that are not based on the user’s interests or intentions, or repeated access by malicious vendors for the purpose of causing users to waste their ad budget. In recent years, click fraud businesses have become rampant. Despite advertising media taking measures to prevent fraud, it is still a major challenge faced in digital advertising. By integrating Spider AF and eliminating invalid accesses, it is possible to not only reduce wasted advertising costs and improve ROAS, but also to generate accurate data for marketing optimization.

Advantages of Implementing Spider AF

・Ad fraud prevention

Detect ad fraud based on the latest proprietary algorithms.

・Brand safety

Minimize brand risk by identifying where to advertise through pixel analysis.

User fraud prevention

Detect and block fraudulent activities by users such as multiple registrations with partner ASP.

Auto-exclude unauthorized access with Google Ad API integration

Access analyzed data provided by SpiderAF measurement tags to automatically exclude unauthorized IPs and destinations for Google listings and display ads.

・Unauthorized access reports

Transparent reports on unauthorized IP and distribution sites provided for each channel.

Use Case  (B2B Software Company): Saved 6% of ad spend and eliminated accesses from invalid placements which account for 70% of the total.

The problem prior to Spider AF integration: Significant problem was identified with the “quality” of the leads acquired via digital advertising which drastically reduced in-house sales productivity. Preventative measures were needed as the company wanted to expand ad placements and consumers began to comment on the ads being placed on irrelevant sites, potentially damaging brand image.

Results post-Spider AF integration: Clicks and conversions from invalid placements were reduced by approximately 70% over three months, and approximately 6% of display ad spend was saved as a result of the Spider AF’s tool, Shared Blacklist.

Get 1 month of free fraud diagnostics with a tailored fraud detection tool. (Limited offer for the first 5 companies to sign up)

Many companies did not feel the need to take preventive measures against ad fraud, but many have found that their ads are being targeted and have significantly improved their ROAS after taking a free ad diagnosis. The first step to take to prevent measures against ad fraud is to see whether your ads are being targeted.

Free Ad Diagnostic Report

Spider AF also provides a summarized report of the ad diagnosis. With this report, you’ll be able to understand the status of your ads at a glance, and is also beneficial for future advertising & marketing strategies.

Free diagnostic report excerpt

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