5 Benefits of Brands Working with Agencies Implementing Ad Fraud Solutions

19th-century department store magnate John Wanamaker said: “half my advertising money has been wasted... the problem was I didn’t know which half.”
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A hundred years later, businesses everywhere are caught in a similar predicament to Wanamaker’s. They heavily invest in advertising technology even as they can hardly access a holistic view of the efficacy of their spending.

One would assume that a small-to-medium business, such as a franchisor in an industry with typically low advertising expenditures would be unlikely to have the problem of ad fraud. Yet, savvy fraudsters attack these businesses because small-to-medium brands do not have the same level of sophistication as their big-league counterparts and are therefore easier to compromise.

We’ve already discussed how marketing and ad agencies can benefit their operations by investing in an ad fraud solution. Seeing that companies usually turn to such agencies to save costs and time on training in-house marketing teams, we deem it critical to examine how brands may benefit from engaging with agencies that have ad fraud solutions in place.

Why Businesses Should Work with Protected Agencies

Greater Return on Investment

The complexity of today’s online marketing may overwhelm marketers.

From a distance, agencies may seem like a convenient way to secure some of that money while having the freedom to experiment in other facets of the company’s operation. However, without the right fraud detection capabilities in place, agencies themselves can become an enormous contributor to the problem. They might end up serving as a watering hole for fraudsters, disguised as legitimate entities.

When opting to contract with an ad or marketing agency, businesses must be very cautious about how their ad dollars are being spent. This includes working with agencies that have top-of-the-line ad fraud solutions to reduce CPC and similar costs.

Businesses that choose to work with agencies that implement ad fraud solutions should expect higher efficiency in their campaigns. Unsurprisingly, ad agencies that have active detection capabilities are typically more prosperous, providing a secure environment for spreading their client’s message while maximizing their bottom line. 

Granular reporting

Companies can effectively allocate resources and plan for the future by evaluating how well or poorly  their campaigns are performing. In an online setting where ad fraud and data inconsistencies are prevalent, it is often difficult for agencies to provide their clients with dependable analytics. This leads to further monetary waste and diminished advertising efficiency.

When companies are seriously interested in driving increased sales and profitability, they will strive to obtain simplified details of what really happens in their campaigns.

Agencies with ad fraud solutions in place can leverage the technology to provide their clients with reports on ad campaign performance that are otherwise unobtainable elsewhere. This extends beyond the number of clicks and impressions to the where, when, and nature of user interactions with the ads.

Brand image protection

Every company is responsible for the practices directly associated with its brand. Hiring agencies that do not subjugate their clients’ integrity fall under this paradigm. With the explosion of online advertising along with constant data breaches, working with agencies that can weed out fraud is essential.

Ad fraud is a growing concern. Thus companies should seek the services of agencies that have dedicated and vigilant teams focused on providing a premium level of service and focusing strongly on ethical business practices.

Only experienced ad agencies can ensure a flawless reputation and deliver superior, long-term business gains. A prominent sign of such agencies is when their digital marketing experts integrate robust ad fraud solutions, preventing and minimizing all fraud-related challenges before they escalate and cause any media backlash for their clients.

Proactive prevention

The digital advertising industry is in constant flux as new technologies are applied to improve how we deliver ads. Unfortunately, ad fraud remains a perennial concern with each progressive leap. One way to go about dealing with fraud is to utilize fraud prevention systems that can detect, flag, and block even the faintest of signs of suspicious activity.

Detecting fraud and ineffective ads helps you create a more profitable and safer environment for spreading brand messages. Fraud prevention tools offer marketing teams deeper insights into ad campaigns, identify points of inefficiency, and help companies prevent ad fraud before it harms them.

Additional Perks

Fraud detection tools offer other benefits and advanced capabilities besides reducing the chances of ad fraud. Working with ad agencies that use fraud prevention techniques translate to having efficient, qualified professionals oversee one’s campaign. When many find it difficult to see how dire the problem of ad fraud is, the agencies that enforce these solutions are already showing how motivated they are to fight for their client’s companies. 

Agencies with fraud prevention tools in place are able to serve their clients better. Instead of manually monitoring patterns in ad campaigns to detect ad fraud, many companies employ dedicated staff to do just that. Automated ad fraud solutions on the other hand allow these agencies to devote more of their time to their clients. 

In general, ad fraud prevention solutions enable ad agencies to focus on providing a high level of customer service and quality work.


Companies should remain vigilant and prepared to use systems to minimize fraud in their digital advertising operations, regardless of whether they handle the marketing operations in-house or contract with an agency. A robust and capable fraud solution is a surefire way to keep online marketing efforts free from fraudulent activity. 

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