Saison Fundex: Utilizing Spider AF to Combat Ad Fraud

Saison Fundex is a financial services company operating in personal and corporate financing as well as real estate finance. As part of the Credit Saison Group, the company offers a wide range of financing services, including real estate collateral loans and leasebacks.
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In the highly competitive financial sector, Saison Fundex faced high advertising distribution costs. They discovered that a significant portion of their advertising expenses was being wasted due to unnecessary clicks from bots and other ad fraud activities. The company became increasingly concerned about the impact of ad fraud on its marketing efforts and wanted to find a solution to mitigate the losses.


Saison Fundex decided to adopt Spider AF, an ad fraud countermeasure tool, to address the challenges they faced. The Chief of the Strategy Group in the Customer Development Department, Hirokai Nagai, led the initiative. Spider AF stood out among other options due to the tool’s clear definition and explanation of ad fraud, allowing for a systematic classification of different types of ad fraud. Spider AF also provided detailed information and transparent visualized data, which was crucial for verifying the accuracy of ad fraud occurrences.

Implementation and Results

After implementing Spider AF, Saison Fundex gained complete visibility into the breakdown of ad fraud damage. They discovered that over 6% of their advertising spend was affected by ad fraud, resulting in ineffective ad distribution. However, ad fraud rate significantly improved within a month of adopting Spider AF. Additionally, the company was able to submit reports of the ad fraud information detected by Spider AF to the ad network, resulting in partial refunds of their ad spend.

The refund they received alone covered the cost of implementing Spider AF, demonstrating clear value for money. This had a significant impact on Saison Fundex's business, considering the substantial amount of their advertising budget. The company also discovered a high number of clicks from competitors through Spider AF, allowing them to identify and block inappropriate clicks, and further optimize their advertising campaigns.

Moreover, Saison Fundex found Spider AF to be an easy-to-use tool that seamlessly integrated with their existing media channels. The automated processes minimized additional workload, and the company only needed to send the ad fraud data report to their advertising agency once a month to apply for refunds.

Spider AF has become an essential infrastructure for Saison Fundex's advertising operations, providing ongoing protection against ad fraud and ensuring the efficiency of their marketing efforts. The company plans to continue implementing ad fraud countermeasures consistently to safeguard their advertising expenses and improve overall performance in the competitive financial sector.