$2,894 Loss Detected in 3 Days Through PMAX!

Savas Tutumlu
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During our recent conversation with Savas Tutumlu, a seasoned Performance Marketer leading acquisition marketing efforts for renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ayberk Akcay, we explored the transformative impact of Spider AF's ad fraud prevention solution on their digital marketing endeavors. Within the trial period of just three days, Spider AF uncovered an alarming $2,894 of ad expenditure lost to placements on irrelevant websites, resulting in 106 fraudulent registrations. This discovery underscored the urgent necessity for robust fraud prevention measures and optimization strategies to safeguard their digital campaigns.

Spider AF seamlessly integrated into their workflow, delivering significant time savings for Savas. The solutions offered by Spider AF demonstrated clear value in streamlining operations and driving improvements in campaign performance.

Why Spider AF?

After facing persistent challenges with lead quality in their digital campaigns, Savas Tutumlu recognized the pressing need for a solution. Many WhatsApp registrations turned out to be fake, and despite efforts to engage with the leads, response rates from relevant prospects could have been higher.

For an offline business like Dr. Akcay's plastic surgery practice, digital campaigns serve as a vital bridge between online browsers and potential clinic visitors.

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PMAX inadvertently displayed ads on numerous fraudulent websites. Spider AF identified a whopping 490 fraudulent placements during this short period. These placements resulted in a total spending of $2,894 and 106 fraudulent registrations. Typically, such detailed data isn’t visible in Google ads for our customers. However, we can access this data via API and provide it to our customers.

The data from Spider AF highlighted that Savas' Performance Max (PMAX) campaigns were publishing ads on irrelevant websites. For instance, who registers for kids' websites? And does the advertiser really want customers from Japan?

Additionally, some placements appeared as spoofed domains, impersonating  famous ad networks. These fraudulent placements not only wasted ad spend but also generated fraudulent conversions. Therefore, AI mislead to fraud placements. And this is not the first time we see that. We saw one of our customers lose $30k/m to a single fraudulent placement and they had damage from several other fraudulent placements, resulting in a huge loss at the time.

The total spending on these placements in just three days was significant. Spider AF's ability to detect these fraudulent placements and provide deeper insights into ad performance highlights its value in protecting advertisers' budgets and ensuring that ads are displayed on relevant and reputable websites.

Benefits and Results

Since integrating Spider AF 3 months ago, Savas Tutumlu has experienced significant improvements in campaign performance metrics. His Cost per Acquisition (CPA) has improved by 14%, indicating more efficient spending on acquiring leads. Additionally, there has been a 12% increase in Conversion Rate (CVR), leading to a higher number of successful conversions within the same advertising budget. These positive trends are expected to continue, contributing to ongoing ROI growth and campaign success for Dr. Ayberk Akcay's plastic surgery practice.

Savas Tutumlu saved $516.37 in ad click costs on one ad placement that generated 26 irrelevant conversions, and approximately $28,940 is forecasted to be saved in blocked placements across irrelevant websites. 

In the advertiser’s words:

"As a freelancer working for a plastic surgeon client, I heavily rely on Performance MAX campaigns. However, I noticed a gap in conversions and encountered high CPA rates with unsatisfactory results. Switching to Spider AF was a game-changer. It provided cleaner data, crucial for optimizing campaign performance. The competitive pricing of Spider AF was a deciding factor for me. With Spider AF, I no longer waste time and find the tool incredibly valuable. Since integrating Spider AF, my campaign performance has significantly improved, particularly in ad performance. Additionally, I've had a great experience with the Spider AF team." – Savas Tutumlu