Social Game Developer Company: Tutorial Breakthrough Rates Up x8!

About 40% of all ad fraud was detected in the trial ad fraud diagnosis (free trial) that Spider AF introduced last September. In today’s article, we’ll be listening to the voices of actual advertisers in an anonymous interview.
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・Increase Profitability For the Company


・Suspicious activity was detected via campaign measurements and we suspected ad fraud

・Even though we collected used advertising fees, sales did not increase as we thought they would


・Not only did we reduce our advertising fee , but we also stopped ad fraud on the delivery side and greatly increased our profitability

・KPI Improvement(Retention Rate・Billing Rate・Tutorial Breakthrough Rate)

Q. Before introducing Spider AF, could you tell us what the situation was like?

There were suspicious areas that we detected with our promotion measurements and we suspected ad fraud, but we hadn’t understood fraud protection.

Q. When did you feel that ad fraud had happen?

I created a report each month on user registrations and the amount billed based on data from the gaming side. Following each month’s sales, I noticed that there was a huge discrepancy between the number of sales and the amount billed for each registered month that the advertising agency had reported on their ad reports.

Q. Before introducing Spider AF, you gave the free trial a try and detected quite a bit of fraud – about how much came out to be fraud?

Advertising fees for each month was approximately 50 million yen and for about 30-40% of that ad fraud was detected, and we could see a lot of organic crawling like hijacking and flooding. The current advertising cost is about 30 million yen, which is about 60% of the previous one, but the sales have not changed, and we can now see ad fraud and how it robbed us of organic users!

The Company’s Profitability Increased Dramatically

Requesting a check directly from the ad agency helped greatly! Since there is a relationship between the ad operators and the ad agencies, it’s difficult to sever that. The support between the 2 companies resulted in savings from advertising costs and a dramatic increase in the company’s profitability from ensuring that ad operations were done safely.

I have not been able to coordinate the relationship between people involved in ad delivery yet, so, in the future,I would like to discuss how to properly operate and arrange that.

The Following Day’s Retention Rate Increased x8!

After eliminating ad fraud, retention rates, billing rates, and tutorial breakthrough rates increased. When ad fraud was rampant, the following day’s retention rate stood at 5% but now it’s increased to about 30-40%.

Q. It is often said in marketing that “We need to get more users at lower cost. “, but organic crawling and hijacking will deprive other networks of result.

The tutorial breakthrough rate can be identified as a form of tracking ROAS and billing rates. I want to change my own thinking to “new common sense in digital marketing”!

Issues with Spider AF After Introduction

Even if you only use good web providers, you’re are losing part of the market. Think of it like this; by cutting out the dangerous web providers you get water (transparent safe web providers) but even inside of muddy waters (safe web providers mixed in with ad fraud) you can find pure water (acquisition of new users).

With ad fraud making up 30% of muddy waters, there have been discussions within our company weather decreasing our advertising cost to half would be good or not.

Q. Spider AF is good for using that. If fraud occurs, the whole network won’t come to a stop – you can eliminate only ad fraud while checking with the ad agency or network and use the network better. By doing this, you can separate the muddy water from the pure water. It’s continuous work but it will stop fraud and those deliveries. In the future let’s bring those deliveries back and pump out fresh water.

Yes, that is what we would like to do in the future.

Businesses Using Spider AF ・Outlook on Services

I think that there is a responsibility on the advertisers side to have fraud protection. I feel that employees need to have some training about ad fraud. We’re giving lectures on know-how relating to Spider AF and ad fraud, I would like to continue working on it so that I can align with my employees.

As a company, we can increase our profitability by using fraud protection but the advertisement manager is not necessarily operating from the perspective of the salesman, and the situation is that fraud protection results do not contribute to his own results. In the future, I would like to review the evaluation system, get the team involved and work on the whole company.

Thank you very much!